What is Faronics Deploy

Faronics Deploy is a cloud-based endpoint management tool that simplifies application management, patch management, OS Deployment and so much more.

What can it do ?

Application Management :
  • Install, Uninstall, Update Apps : Install 75+ Built-in Applications or even setup your own.
  • Mass Actions & Groups : Perform any action on multiple computers with a single click.
  • App Presets : Mass deploy apps with a single click.
Windows Updates :
  • Drilldown Grid : Smart Grid lets you dive in to updates with detailed installation, approval.
  • Category / KB Control : Approve updates at Category or KB level. Test patches on a control group.
  • Patch Scan Heartbeat : Frequent Patch Scans reveal missing Windows Updates.
Remote Control :
  • RDP / VNC Over The Web : Support and Assist computers in and outside your network with VNC and RDP.
  • File Transfers & Chat : Drag and drop files for remote transfer or initiate a chat session over VNC.
  • Assist Remote Users : Shadow and help users to fix problems.
OS Deployment :
  • Install Settings & Drivers : Express Settings or Deep Customization of install settings One image for all hardware.
  • Real-Time Imaging Progress : Instantly view, select, and deploy images from Smart Grid with automated.
  • Modular OS Deployment : Separate the OS, driver groups, install settings and application layers for different hardware types.
Inventory & Assets :
  • Inventory & Assets : Inventory & Assets Synced Hardware Inventory Smart Grid shows all hardware attributes (RAM, HDD usage, Service tags).
  • Usage Stats & Trend : Maximize available resources by analyzing utilization of applications.
  • Warranty & Service Tags : Hardware Lifecycle management: Manage License Compliance.

Contact Us

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